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DRAF-1000Drafting Fundamentals

Practice in the use of architectural and engineering imperial and metric scales, basic lettering forms, linework techniques, material symbols, architectural conventions and techniques, orthographic and pictorial drawing. Study light wood frame construction and the production of working drawings for a small residential garage.

Other Information


Item Description:  Suggested Manufacturer Quantity

  • 1-Lead Holder (2mm leads) Mars 780C       
  • 1-Pencil Leads (2mm) H – Grade                
  • 2-2H – Grade                                        
  • 1-3H – Grade                                         
  • 1-Erasing Shield Mars 529 50                    
  • 1-Lead Pointer Mars 502                          
  • 1-Architect’s Scale Mars 987 19-31           
  • 1-Metric Scale Mars 987 18-SI                 
  • 1-Set Square (Triangle) Mars 964 08-45     
  • 1-Set Square (Triangle) Mars 964 10-60      
  • 1-Circle Template Mars 977 110                 
  • 1-Drafting Brush Mars 989-00                   
  • 1-Pencil Eraser (White Vinyl) Mars 526 50  
  • 1-Masking Tape 12mm x 55m Role             


  • Drafting equipment can be purchased at Red River College in the “Bookzone” bookstore.
  • You can also obtain supplies at Lewis Instruments on Erin Street, or at The U of M Bookstore. Staples or Office Depot may also carry some of the pieces.
  • If you decide to purchase a full drafting kit instead of the component parts, make sure that you tell the Bookzone staff that you want the Civil Engineering Technology drafting kit.  That is the same equipment used by the first year students in the Civil Engineering Technology program.
  • The Mechanical Engineering drafting kit looks similar, but it is missing some key components that you will require, and it will provide some other components that you will not use in this course. If you are sold the wrong kit by mistake, take it back with your bill and show the clerk this list.

Entrance Requirements

Good math skills and hand dexterity.


Textbooks and Booklists

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