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NRSG-1501Scholarly Writing

This course provides students with a focused opportunity to learn the elements of writing in a scholarly manner. How to locate and evaluate the quality of informational sources, and how to document and cite sources using APA format is emphasized. The meaning and consequences of plagiarism are addressed. Some practical opportunity to practice this learning is offered.

  • As per RRC Nursing program policies, applicants/students who fail a course are permitted to repeat that course once only. Applicants who repeat and fail this course a second time will not be eligible to apply to the LPN to BN Pathway.
  • As per RRC Nursing program policies, applicants/students are allowed only one voluntary withdrawal per course.  Applicants who voluntarily withdraw more than once from this course will not be eligible to apply to the LPN to BN Pathway.
  • A grade of 64% or less (grade C or less) is considered a failing grade.

Textbooks and Booklists

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Course Dates and Fees

2024 Fall Term - Distance Education
NRSG-1501 Scholarly Writing
Location: Online
Aug 26, 24 - Nov 15, 24M. Chorney259053$296
Location: Online
Aug 26, 24 - Nov 15, 24
M. Chorney
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