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CIVL-3023Structural Analysis 2

Analyzing a Structure means being able to explain - through documented calculations - how a structure carries load without collapse or failure. This course will help prepare students to inspect, build or design structures. It will also help prepare for other courses in wood, steel and reinforced concrete design. Examples of real-life structures and potential on-the-job scenarios will help to prepare students for their future career.

In this course, students will learn how to analyze the effects of load on frame structures, and how to analyze deflection in beams, trusses and frames using the Conjugate Beam and Virtual Work methods. Students will learn how to analyze indeterminate beams and frames using the Redundant Force Flexibility Method and be introduced to structural analysis software. Students will also learn how to analyze forces, moments and stresses in three dimensions, including the effects of torsion, biaxial bending and combined stress. The limits of elastic analysis will be discussed and the concept of inelastic stress analysis will be introduced. Students will learn how to prevent overturning and collapse of an entire structure, by using the National Building Code to determine lateral wind loads, and then analyzing the load path through floor and roof diaphragms to lateral load resisting systems

Other Course Prerequisites

Structural Analysis 1 CIVL-2018


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