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SYST-1001Health Systems

This course will cover a diverse group of topics relating to health systems design and delivery and the professional and legal responsibilities of a paramedic. The Emergency Health Services system (EHS) is a comprehensive array of people, resources, and equipment that are integrated simultaneously to achieve clinical excellence, response time reliability, customer satisfaction, and economic efficiency. As an essential component of the EHS system, paramedics need to be aware of all aspects of service design and delivery including identifying system components, medical oversight, continuous quality improvement, and research. Pre-hospital practitioners will, throughout their career, be faced with issues that require the paramedic to maintain a professional approach as well as have knowledge of the legal system in Canada and how paramedicine is affected by it. This course will address the structure of the Canadian legal system, the criminal code, testifying in court, negligence, patient rights, wills, and crime scene awareness, as well as legal issues related to the delivery of pre-hospital care. Understanding these issues helps paramedics understand their role and responsibilities as a pre-hospital provider.

Entrance Requirements

Please review the Full-time Paramedicine - Primary Care Paramedic Admission Requirements to ensure you are eligible to enter the program.

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