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WRKE-2022Co-operative Education Work Placement 2

The Coop placement provides experiential, workplace-based learning opportunities to build employable competencies and practice the principles and skills learned during classroom study. It links students to industry managers and employers and establishes the foundations of their employment history. By the end of this course students will further acquire and develop skills for progression within at least one area of the hospitality or tourism industry while demonstrating their potential for a future industry leadership role. During Coop Work Placement 2 or Service Learning Industry Project students will develop new learning goals to build on their learning from Coop Work Placement 1 and their term 4 and 5 classes. Students will self-assess their own skill development and professional behavior through reflection and they will update their existing portfolio showing progression of skill development or the acquisition of new skills. The Coop Coordinator and employer will assess their skill development and/or acquisition of new skills and their professionalism.   
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