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MACH-2000Electrical Machines 2

This course introduces the student to the theory of AC synchronous generators/motors and three phase induction motors/generators, which includes induced EMF, coil pitch, distribution factor, rotating magnetic fields, rotor design and performance, armature reaction, voltage regulation, power factor control, equivalent circuits, and efficiency. Practical labs then demonstrate the theory, electrical machine characteristics, as well as develop equivalent circuits.

Vector analysis of the synchronous machine and its effect on the grid system and concepts of infinite buss are covered in depth. Attention is given to the different types of construction methods of electrical machines and their effect on machine performance and harmonic distortion. Power factor correction using synchronous machine in "real world" situations is covered in depth. Students will be made aware of reliability and types of failures of these machines both mechanical and electrical. As well, students will be familiarized with motor sizing techniques and gathering information, evaluation, and calculation of motor performance requirements for a given process. Three phase induction machines will be evaluated and modeled using "slip" variable.


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