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DEVC-3001Power Electronics 2

This is an introductory course in power electronics that examines the devices and circuits used for such applications as AC motor soft starter, AVR, automatic voltage regulator for synchronous generator, and power controller for heater elements. Power circuits examined include rectifiers and converters for 1Phase, 3Phase, and 12 pulse operation as well as power controllers for 1Phase and 3Phase operation. Two methods of voltage control are considered: phase control and zero crossing control. Gate circuits representative of industrial and consumer applications are analyzed and compared. Vulnerability of solid state devices to voltage transients is addressed. The most common origins of AC line voltage transients as well as load voltage transients is disclosed. Students are guided in the proper selection and placement of the following over voltage protection aids: MOV, snubber circuit, and line reactor. Last of all, students are made aware of how the above power circuits distort the AC line current that results in a reduced power factor and an increase in heat generation. Lab activities include capturing AC line current waveforms and generating harmonic current spectrum graphs.


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