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DEVC-3002Power Electronics 3

The first part of this course deals with soft starters and variable speed drives. Variable speed drives include DC drives with and without regenerative braking as well as a variety of AC drives including VFD with V/Hz operation and VFD with flux vector operation and DTC (direct torque control). At the drive output, the issues are drive set up with respect to type of mechanical load, starting, braking, acoustical motor noise, and solutions to such contemporary problems as long line motor failure. At the drive input, the issues are apparent power demand and methods of suppressing both AC line current harmonics and EMI. The later part of this course examines power quality with regards to problems, measurements, and conditioning . The effects of electronic circuits such as motor drives on power quality will be highlighted. Each week there are approximately 2.5 hours of lecture and 2.5 hours of lab and/or demonstration. The lectures deal with circuit operation, simple numerical design, and motor drive features. The labs allow students to assemble/set up and observe the performance of power conversion circuits as well as develop measurement and diagnostic skills. Students also perform set up for a variety of motor drives.


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