Courses and Descriptions

CIVL-2024Computer Applications 2

This course continues instruction from Computer Applications 1 (the basics), and students will be taught more advanced features of Microsoft Word© and Microsoft Excel©.
Specific features wil be introduced in Microsoft Word© to produce longer reports. This includes more formatting, page/section breaks, headers, footers, page numbering, headings and titles, table of contents, specific numbering styles, footnotes/endnotes, columns/tables, size/position/caption graphics, auto-generated references, and various print formats.

In Microsoft Excel©, students will use more advance features of the program to create additional formulas, analyze data with formulas, manage workbook data, managing data using tables, and analyzing table data.

Integration of Microsoft Office© will allow students to select, edit and add spreadsheet data and AutoCAD drawing segments to other documents. MS Project program is introduced with basic projects.

Entrance Requirements

CIVL-1012 Computer Applications 1


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