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DBMS-3006Database Management Systems 3

This course covers administrative aspects of Database Management Systems (DBMSs) and explores central topics in Data Science (DS). The first part of the course will introduce the fundamental installation components of a DBMS. Students will install and configure several DBMSs on traditional private server hardware to gain knowledge of the similarities, differences, and tuning parameters of various vendor software. Students will also provision a cloud-based DBMS service and integrate with a local DBMS to demonstrate a hybrid environment. The second part of the course will examine core concepts of Data Science that include extracting, cleaning, and basic data analysis on a variety of disparate data sources with an end goal of loading the data into a DBMS for further traditional OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP). By the end of the course, students will be able to install and configure various DBMS software on private server hardware, provision and integrate a cloud-based DBMS service to support hybrid setups, clean and load data from disparate sources into a DBMS, and perform some basic statistical analysis on the data prior to loading.


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