All twelve first year courses are compulsory and will introduce you to the basics of business. In the second year, besides four compulsory courses, students will choose a major field of study (eight courses)  which  includes a combination of required and elective courses. (All Business Administration students will have completed four terms, with six courses per term for a total of 24 courses upon graduation.)

Specializations (or majors) include: Accounting, Administration, Financial Services, Human Resource Management or Marketing.

  • The Accounting major expands on the knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices you gained in the first year. This major is recommended for students interested in pursuing a professional accounting designation. The required courses emphasize decision-making based upon accounting information and are outlined in other information.
  • The Administration major allows you to pursue a flexible path of study by selecting courses from a variety of subject areas.

  • The Financial Services major is designed for those interested in banking and finance as a career. The major will provide you with strong communication, organizational, and analytical skills, and includes instruction in financial applications. The required courses are shown in other information.
  • The Marketing major encourages a critical and analytical study of the strategic marketing process. The required courses within this major examine various marketing functions and are outlined in other information.
  • The Human Resource Management major is designed for students with strong critical thinking and interpersonal skills who want to implement the functions of human resource management.  Students will be prepared for an administrative role in an HRM department and can begin the professional certification process, if they desire. The required courses within this major are outlined in other information.
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