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Recent Changes

Addition of Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

The MMI process is designed to assess attributes essential for success in health professions. This process is being adopted by colleges and universities across Canada and globally as a fair and effective method of interviewing candidates for health care profession programs. 

The MMI utilizes multiple interview stations.  Each station is comprised of a scenario designed to evaluate core traits/competencies essential for success in health care professions. This includes competencies such as problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, responsibility, ethical and moral judgement, self-awareness, conflict resolution, and management skills.

At each station, applicants will read a scenario and then respond. The interviewer(s) will assign ratings using a rubric, which is a guide listing specific criteria for grading or scoring, as well as a rating scale. In the end, the scores from all stations are totaled for an overall score for each applicant.

The MMI process is not meant to be perceived as a barrier.  It is a way of identifying applicants who exhibit critical competencies for success and those who may need additional supports prior to program entry.

Prior to participating in an MMI, applicants will be invited to attend an MMI workshop.

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