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CHEM-1006Organic Chemistry

This course introduces students to the basics of organic chemistry. Fundamental concepts such as molecular structures and bonding and polarity will be reviewed. Students will also be introduced to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry's (IUPAC) nomenclature system, which is used to name organic molecules.

Throughout this course, students will be taught about the structures, syntheses, and reactions, of the major categories of organic compounds, including alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, as well as amines and aromatics. Various types of isomerism and isomer naming conventions, such as the cis/trans, E/Z and R/S systems, will be discussed in this course. They will also examine the structures and properties of common polymers and the intersection between organic chemistry and biochemistry by considering biological materials such as amino acids and sugars. In the laboratory, students will become proficient in performing basic operations such as recrystallization, distillation and synthesis.


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