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ENGI-3006Advanced Thermodynamics for Power Engineers

In this rigorous course, covering thermodynamics theory required for both 3rd and 2nd class licenses, students study and apply the relationships among mathematics, chemistry, mechanics and thermodynamics. Students will apply thermodynamic principles to calculate and explain the different types of expansion, temperature measurements, methods of heat transfer, quantities of heat, and changes of state. They will work with and interpret steam tables, temperature-enthalpy charts and pressure-volume diagrams. Building upon course content from the first module, the other component of this course addresses theory content required for the 2nd class license. Students will perform calculations and study theory that includes, for example, work and heat (thermodynamics of steam, internal energy of steam, enthalpy, entropy), practical cycles (Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Brayton), thermal efficiencies, and energy flow calculations. They will also calculate heat and measurement of heat, expansion/compression of gases (Dalton’s Law of partial pressures, adiabatic, isothermal, polytropic, ratios of expansion and compression) and work with and interpret pressure-volume and temperature-entropy diagrams.
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