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CHEM-3002Advanced Chemistry Applications

A sound knowledge of chemistry and its applications in industrial operations is essential for Power Engineers. In this intensive course, students will study the principles in the structure, formation, and interaction of chemical compounds. In-depth course content on fuels, combustion, and flue gas analysis will also be presented. Working towards the 2nd class license, students will study and perform advanced water treatments - from methods of feedwater treatment, e.g. sodium and hydrogen zeolite softening, evaporation, electro-dialysis and electro-deionization(ED/EDI), reverse osmosis (RO), and microfiltration—through to internal treatment of boiler water, e.g., control of scale, embrittlement, corrosion, chelating agents, sludge conditioning, pH measurement, chemical feed systems and cooling water treatment, e.g., slime, algae and corrosion control. Using analytical methods, instruments and equipment, students will conduct water analysis and interpret the results, study industrial waste, and perform potable water treatment and testing.
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