PLUCF-NA Plumbing Cross Connection Control

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  • Five-day program
  • Spring entry date
  • Notre Dame Campus, Winnipeg
  • Graduates may apply and pay for a Tester's License issued by the City of Winnipeg

Consider this program if you are a trades person looking to improve your understanding of cross-connection control or to obtain certification. The program's emphasis is on hazards, devices, and testing. It is designed for those already involved with the planning, design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of plumbing, piping systems, or water-supplied equipment that connects to the potable water system, either inside or outside of buildings.

A cross-connection is any physical connection between two separate systems, one of which is drinking water and the other polluted water or contaminated fluids, gases, or substances. The pressure differential between the two systems may cause contaminated fluids to flow through connections in subtle forms and unsuspected places. Reversal of flow in the water may be freakish and unpredictable, and education and training will help you to effectively combat all actual and potential types of cross-connections.

Admission Requirements

Regular Admission Requirements

  • Journeyperson's Certificate or Work Resume
    • Submit one of the following:
      • Journeyperson's Certificate
      • Work resume which will be reviewed for eligibility and acceptance

To register for this course, submit one of the above along with a completed Plumbing Cross Connection Control Registration Form and payment.

Who Should Enrol?

Consider this program if you are involved with the planning, design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of plumbing, piping systems, or water supplied equipment that connects to the potable water system, either inside or outside of buildings.

Plumbing Cross Connection Control is a dual stream program. One stream of students from all walks of life can take this program to increase their basic knowledge of recognizing cross connections and recommending proper cross connection devises to protect the occupants in the building as well as the public water supply.  These students will write a Red River College exam. The other stream of students consisting of Journeyperson Plumbers, Steamfitters and Sprinkler Fitters may go on to write the AWWA sanctioned exam to become a AWWA certified Cross Connection Control Specialist and later apply to the city of Winnipeg for a City of Winnipeg Cross Connection Control Testers License.

Locations, Dates and Fees

Next Estimated Term 1 Start Date (subject to change)

Location Start Date Apply Link
Notre Dame Campus Mar 16, 2020

Costs (estimates only; subject to change)

Program/Student Fees
Year 1
Books and Supplies
Year 1
Other Fees
Year 1
1For Registration form see Admission Requirements
2Certification fee by Western Canada Section, American Water Works Association: $100. Please note - City of Winnipeg Tester's License fee is an additional cost.

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Courses and Descriptions

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
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SEMR-9068Cross Connection Control - Practical
More Information

The practical part of the course involves testing of devices with various test kits and recording the information accurately so that the values efficiency can be established.

TRAD-1115Cross Connection Control - Theory
More Information

This course deals with the protection of the water supply from non-potable water and covers the causes of backflow, types of backflow prevention devices, application of device, maintenance and testing of device and health aspects.

Recognition of Prior Learning

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Other Information

The protection of the potable water supply in the city of Winnipeg is a matter of mutual concern and benefit. Therefore, the Province of Manitoba, in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada, has embarked on a program where industry is required to install backflow prevention devices in any situation where a possible cross-connection could occur. These devices must be tested upon installation and annually thereafter by a licensed tester.

A list of testers licensed to service and test protective devices is mailed to industry annually. Those persons working without licensing by the City of Winnipeg program are bound by the Canadian and Manitoba Plumbing Codes to eliminate all cross-connections by the installation of the proper backflow prevention devices.

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Contact Information

For general information about this program or how to apply, contact Enrolment Services at 204-632-2327.

For detailed program information, contact:

Piping Trades Department
Room J107 - 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3H 0J9

How to Apply

For information on how to apply to this program, follow the link below.

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