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PHAR-2020Solid Dosage Production 2

The focus of this course is tableting and coating. In the tableting part, the theory of compression is discussed in detail along with the practical aspects of equipment set up and operation, formulation factors affecting tableting, and understanding and troubleshooting tablet defects. Students also learn about a number of on-line tests used to monitor the compression process and evaluate the quality of the product. Students will manufacture batches of tablets using both direct compression and the granulation routes. In the coating part, an elaborate discussion of tablet coating is taken up. Students will learn about the coating process, different coating polymers, and how to troubleshoot formulation and process related coating defects. Students will use their tablet core batches to practice tablet coating, equipment set up and operation, and process monitoring. The last few sessions of this course are dedicated to the encapsulation process where students learn about capsules as a dosage form and the operational principles of the capsule manufacturing process.

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