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ULTR-3005Cardiac Practicum 3

In Term 5 (last 8 week duration) of the DCS Program, students continue in their clinical practicum with an emphasis on successfully completing their Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSA). The focus in Term 5 is to continue to build on the theoretical knowledge learned in the didactic phase of the program and application in a clinical setting. The main focus of Term 5 clinical will be to build upon skills introduced in terms 3 and 4 while participating in all aspects of an Echocardiography departmental setting, under the supervision of qualified professionals; the student should be demonstrating increasing independence and progression from a novice performance level to now building into the entry level of competency in the profession of Cardiac Sonography (Term 5). During Term 5 the students will continue to scan patients (hands on experience), while applying and strengthening:  theoretical knowledge, recognition of theoretical pathology, patient care skills, patient history taking, the completion of a cardiac technical impression, case presentation to a Cardiologist as required, all while participating in all aspects of an Echocardiography Department. 


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