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2023/2024 Portfolio Admission Requirement

The purpose of this portfolio admission requirement is to help faculty ensure you have the skills you will need to be able to participate fully (and succeed) in this program.

The requirement consists of development of a website containing a short portfolio of your work. 

If you choose to password-protect the website, please provide login instructions and credentials.

Your website must contain samples of each of the following: 
  1. A one-page traditional or digital advertisement OR a news release (with downloadable PDF).
  2. A social media post or advertisement (include link to post).
  3. A persuasive infographic (with downloadable PDF).
  4. An edited video (minimum 15 seconds) created to persuade.
  5. A 400-word op-ed arguing that every Canadian post-secondary student EITHER should OR shouldn’t have access to their first degree or diploma program tuition-free (you choose which position you would rather argue) (with downloadable PDF).
Choose samples that show the full range of your skills. You are welcome to create pieces specifically for your portfolio if you don’t have examples from previous studies or professional work. 

In an introductory note for each sample, please indicate (in complete sentences):
  • What its communication objective was.
  • Who its primary target audience was, and what your desired outcome or impact of this communication for that audience was.
  • What research insights influenced your decisions in creating it.

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