BRIPF-NA Bridging Pathway for Internationally Educated Nurses

Admission Requirements

If your academic history includes any of the following, please visit for important information: post-secondary studies at an institution other than Red River College; Modified (M), English as an Additional Language (E), or GED high school courses; or home schooling.

However, if you apply within 6 weeks of the program start date, admission requirements are due within 5 days of applying.

To apply to this program, you must be educated outside of Canada as a registered nurse.

If you would like to apply to Level 1, contact:
Red River College's Language Training Centre

If you would like to apply to Level 2:
If you are required by the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba to enroll in Level 2 as part of the registration process, you will receive a Letter of Support.

CRNM - Registration Services
Toll free (Manitoba only): 1-800-665-2027 ext. 181
Fax: 204-775-7117

Once you obtain your Letter of Support from CRNM, you may submit an application to Red River College for the Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses - Level 2.

Regular Admission Requirements - Level 2 or Level 3

  1. Letter of Support from CRNM
    • Submit a Letter of Support from College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM)
  2. Applicant Declaration for Check Documents Form (NURS-1060 Consolidated Nursing Practice/IEN 1 and NURS-1061 Consolidated Nursing Practice/IEN 2 courses only)

Program Progression Requirements
Program progression requirements are not due within 30 days of applying. These requirements have expiration dates and should be completed close to your program start date. Further information will be provided by the College at a later date.

  • Criminal and Adult and Child Abuse Checks
    • If you have a criminal record you may not be able to complete this program. If you are listed on an Adult or Child Abuse Registry you will not be able to complete this program.
    • Students will be required to submit checks prior to registration into any of these courses:
      • NURS-1007 Holistic Health Assessment
      • NURS-1060 Consolidated Nursing Practice/IEN 1
      • NURS-1061 Consolidated Nursing Practice/IEN 2 Courses
    • Submit an original official Child Abuse Registry (CAR) Check (provincial). 
    • Submit an original official Adult Abuse Registry (AAR) Check (provincial).
    • For further information, visit
  • Immunizations and Testing
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