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CIVL-1029Codes and Standards

In this course, you will learn to use the Manitoba Building Code (MBC), [i.e. the National Building Code (NBC) including the relevant and latest "Manitoba Amendments"] and how the provisions of the Code impact the design and construction of these types of buildings. Topics will include the format, terminology and definitions of the Code, building classification relevant to use and occupancy, construction types, fire-resistance ratings, occupant load, building size, area of unprotected openings, means of egress, exit and washroom requirements. Part 3 of the NBC will also include an emphasis on "barrier free design." You will learn how the Code applies to residential construction, including such topics as span tables and stair design. Additional topics of study will include the National Fire Code (NFC), the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings (MEBC), and the City of Winnipeg's zoning by-laws and standards.
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