PART-TIME | STEINBACH CAMPUS EDUAP-CT Educational Assistant Certificate

Courses and Descriptions

PRAC-1035Practicum - E.A.

This course provides practical experience through interaction with students and staff in an approved educational setting. It provides the student with an opportunity to shadow and observe experienced educational assistants, to have student contact time and to participate in tutoring activities with students while supporting classroom teachers. At the practicum site, educational assistant candidates are expected to participate as fully as possible in the delivery of support services. This includes working cooperatively as an active team member, sharing responsibilities for carrying out prescribed duties, demonstrating self-initiative, attending required meetings and contributing new ideas and approaches appropriate to the placement. Educational assistants are under the supervision of the site supervisor or designate for the entire duration of the placement period.

Other Information

Final decision on location of practicum will be determined by the College. 

NOTE: Schools are not accepting practicum students between June 15 - September 15 during summer closer. - Final course offering starts April 1.

Entrance Requirements

All 17 prerequisite courses must be successfully completed.
Record check documents must be submitted prior to registering for practicum. See CO-OP/Practicum Information.

Part-time students will need approval from the program facilitator to register. Students must register minimum three weeks prior to the course start date. Contact the program facilitator at to enquire about registering for practicum and providing record checks.

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