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COMM-1014Interpersonal Communication 2

The focus of this course is to integrate Advanced Communication Skills through theory and activities in the Early Childhood and Child & Youth Care areas.  The student will be introduced to a review in the basics of Communication and extensive knowledge in Nonverbal Communication, Listening, Relational Dynamics, Communication Climate and Conflict Resolution.

Other Information 

LOOK:  Looking Out, Looking In, Third Canadian Edition is the required textbook for this course. If this is not the text that you received with Interpersonal Communication 1, please advise the Customer Service Representative at the time of registration. If you need to purchase this text the approximate cost of the textbook is $130.00.

This course builds on the course Interpersonal Communication 1, continuing the exploration of effective communication.  The course focuses on listening skills and relationships and introduces the student to a developmental model of the helping process.


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