Program Outline

Note: Students require a C+ in each course to successfully complete the program. The practicum is based on a Pass/Fail.

Special Education in Canadian Schools and Orientation to the School System are prerequisites to further study. The following courses are listed in the order in which they should be taken.

  • Special Education in Canadian Schools - C/D
  • Orientation to the School System - C/D  
  • Characteristics of Learners - C/D
  • Observation, Record Keeping and Reporting - C/D
  • Instructional Content and Practice - C/D
  • Supporting the Teaching & Learning Environment - C/D
  • Managing Student Behaviour & Social Interaction - C/D
  • Communication & Collaborative Partnerships - C/D
  • Professionalism and Ethical Practice - C/D
  • Introduction to Learning Disabilities - C/D
  • Instructional Technology - C/D
  • Practicum - Para-Educator (all theory courses must be completed) - C/D
    Practicum Option - Para-Educator (all theory courses must be completed)

Legend: C/D - Classroom or Distance Delivery | C - Classroom Delivery
D - Distance Delivery

You have a maximum of eight years to complete this program through part-time learning.

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