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•Certificate program
•Accreditation opportunity
•Recognized by the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) 

This program develops the knowledge and personal selling skills you require for building and maintaining long-term partnerships and for achieving sales success.
The program promotes a needs-satisfaction selling philosophy supported by strategic selling techniques. It focuses on the selling function of marketing and its relation to an overall marketing strategy.
Selling is well-suited to learning through application, with the use of oral presentations and salesperson and customer role plays. Throughout the program you will have many opportunities to practice your presentation and selling skills and to review your performance.
You will study the various functions of marketing. You will strengthen your interpersonal skills and develop the persuasive communication strategies you need for success in sales.
The In-Business Training courses will expose you to the real world of business and help you identify the areas in the field of personal selling that you are interested in. In addition to exploring your career interests, you participate in a number of workshops to develop the skills that will help you both in the program and in your professional career. You will spend one full week with a sponsoring firm, where you will research the firm's sales and marketing strategies.

Admission Requirements

Regular Admission Requirements
To apply under the regular admission requirements, you must have your Manitoba Grade 12.
Special Admission Requirements
If you are 19 years of age or older on or before September 30 in your year of registration, have been out of high school for a minimum of one year, and you do not meet the regular admission requirements, you may apply under the special admission requirements. You must have successfully completed RRC Introduction to Business or a minimum of one English 40S credit and one Math 30S credit.

Who Should Enrol?

Certain characteristics describe the successful salesperson. If you are considering a career in sales, you should possess the following traits:
 •Have strong interpersonal skills

 •Be self-motivated

 •Be mature

 •Have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic

 •Be dependable

 •Be flexible

 •Have a genuine interest in helping people

As this program is academically demanding, good time management skills are essential. You will be required to work on projects and assignments outside of classroom hours.

Program Outline

The following courses (listed by day program term) are offered via classroom.

Term 1 - Core Courses:

  • Sales Communications
  • Business Computing
  • In-Business Training
  • Business & Financial Mathematics
  • Basic Marketing
  • Psychology of Selling
  • Basic Sales

Term 2 - Core Courses:

  • Canadian Business Law
  • Advanced Sales Communications
  • Introduction to E-Business
  • Economics
  • Advanced In-Business Training
  • Sales Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Advanced Sales

Courses and Descriptions

(Click the course name to view the description of the course)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check for additional contact information.
BLAW-1043Canadian Business Law
More Information

Business Law in Canada is a survey of the general field of commercial law with special focus on the law of contracts, torts, sales, and consumer protection. All course material is geared to the business world and is designed to help students become familiar with the business management aspect of dealing with legal problems. 

COMM-1006Sales Communications
More Information

Using effective writing and speaking techniques, students will strengthen their interpersonal and business communication skills. They will develop skills in business, telephone, and email etiquette, and learn how to create a good first impression. Students will also prepare for and deliver an oral presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Through the writing process, they will organize, write, and revise routine business correspondence (email, reports, letters, and other communications).

COMM-3001Advanced Sales Communications
More Information

Building on the skills acquired in Term 1, students will strengthen their job search skills by writing/updating resumes and cover letters, learning the nuances and strategies behind a successful job interview, and participating in a simulated interview experience. Students will enhance their presentation skills by delivering several team presentations. Finally, they will further develop their written communication skills by learning how to deliver negative news, write effective messages to their In-Business Training supervisors, and employ the various stages of the report writing process in a formal business report.

COMP-1975Business ComputingRPL
More Information

Business Computing is a hands-on course in which students develop skills in the use of current Microsoft productivity software. Topics include introductory and intermediate skills in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as the integration of these applications.

EBUS-1311Introduction to E-Business
More Information

Introduction to E-Business introduces students to the key business and technology elements underlying electronic business. It explores the technologies and business processes that underpin on-line business activities and how to employ them most efficiently.

More Information

This course examines the essentials of economics needed to succeed in business. Analysis ranges from the personal and industrial level in microeconomics to national and international levels in macroeconomics. Examples from Canadian society to societies around the world illustrate the real world impact of economic concepts.

IBTR-1029In-Business Training
More Information

This course is designed to include a variety of workshops and activities aimed at developing skills that will benefit students while on program and in their professional sales careers. Students will also have the opportunity to explore career opportunities and research marketing strategies. 

IBTR-3003Advanced In-Business Training
More Information

This course is a sequel to IBTR-1029 In-Business Training. It is designed to provide more exposure to the business world and the field of sales and marketing. Students will have the opportunity to spend one week with a sponsoring firm for the purpose of researching the firm's sales and marketing strategies.

MATH-1054Business & Financial Mathematics
More Information

This course reviews basic arithmetic and algebraic operations. This is followed by a study of basic sales math involving payroll, taxes, percent change, exchange rates, and indexes. More advanced topics include the study and application of merchandising calculations and invoice discounting. Compound interest applications are then introduced allowing sales students to figure out loans, leases, amortization, and contract offer evaluations.

MGMT-3008Sales Management
More Information

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of sales management and the current trends, tools, and techniques that productive sales managers need in today's competitive environment.

MRKT-1010Basic Marketing
More Information

This course introduces students to the dynamics of marketing and its role in society. Topics include the evaluation of market opportunities, consumer and business behaviour, strategies of market segmentation and the development of the elements of the marketing mix.

MRKT-2005Integrated Marketing Communications
More Information

This course provides a concentrated study of the fundamentals of creating, implementing, and evaluating an integrated marketing communications plan within the marketing arena. You will learn the skills required in planning and executing advertising and promotion programs requiring research, creativity, and timing.

MRKT-3009Marketing Research
More Information

There are many reasons why some sales territories can fail while others succeed. Knowledge of the customer point of view is critical to all successful business decisions. Learn how to evaluate internal and external environments through an understanding of basic market research in order to uncover an opportunity that only you can fulfill.

PSYC-1023Psychology of Selling
More Information

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge about the factors that influence buyer behaviour. Included among the psychological factors to be studied are perception, motivation, learning, and personality. In addition to providing basic knowledge, this course will aid students in developing skills essential to sales success such as establishing positive customer perceptions and salesperson/customer relationships, building trust, identifying and addressing customer needs, and adapting to various personality types. This course will also introduce students to the concept of emotional intelligence and assist students in developing competencies to improve performance in all aspects of life.

SALE-1015Basic Sales
More Information

This course will introduce basic selling theory as well as promote the development of strategic selling skills essential in achieving sales success. A consultative selling approach incorporating SPIN and persuasive communication techniques will be practiced.

SALE-3004Advanced Sales
More Information

This course will assist students to further develop the strategic selling techniques that were introduced in Basic Sales. Students will learn how to implement strategies with a focus on developing win-win recommendations that enhance sales success.

Click the "More Info" link beside the course's name to view the description of the course.

Course Dates and Fees

2020 FAll Term
COMP-1975 Business Computingmore info
Location: Selkirk
DatesClass DaysTimeDeliveryInstructorSectionCostActions
Oct 30, 20 - Feb 25, 21Th9:00AM - 11:00AMTBA209677$879
Th F1:00PM - 3:00PM
Tu Th F9:00AM - 11:00AM
Location: Selkirk
Oct 30, 20 - Feb 25, 21
Class days
9:00AM - 11:00AM
Th F
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Tu Th F
9:00AM - 11:00AM

2021 Winter Term
COMP-1975 Business Computingmore info
Location: Steinbach
DatesClass DaysTimeDeliveryInstructorSectionCostActions
Jan 04, 21 - May 17, 21M9:00AM - 12:30PMT. Banman209073$547
Location: Steinbach
Jan 04, 21 - May 17, 21
Class days
9:00AM - 12:30PM
T. Banman

Computer/Laptop Requirements

Online learning is a critical component of course delivery in all Red River College programs. To ensure each student has the tools they need to achieve their academic goals, all Red River College students require, at minimum:

1.  Off-campus access to a current computer with a webcam

2.  A high speed internet connection

• Recommended minimum speed: 10 mbps for download, 3 mbps for upload
• Slower internet connection speeds may result in audio and video issues. Please keep in mind that if others in your home are using the same internet connection at the same time as you are, you may also experience audio and video issues.
• Please refer to for further information on Computer Requirements for Students.

Please note that any anticipated costs are not included in Books and Supplies estimates.

Transfer Credit Opportunities

Accreditation Opportunities
If you successfully complete all courses in the program, you are eligible to receive a Certificate of Accreditation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).

The CPSA is a self-governing organization that controls the standards, conduct, and discipline of its members. Among other things, the CPSA provides professional development programs to its 30,000 members across Canada. Successful completion of the CPSA Certificate program, and the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) exams, combined with at least two years experience as a salesperson, qualifies you to use the designation CSP (Certified Sales Professional).
Transferring credits to other post secondary institutions
Thompson Rivers University
For more information, contact the Thompson Rivers University Admissions department. 

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which documents and compares an individual's prior learning gained from prior education, work and life experiences and personal study to the learning outcomes in College courses/programs. For more information, please visit

Graduate Employment Report

Red River College surveys its graduates on an annual basis to collect data related to the graduates’ employment status, salary, occupation and skill use. In addition, graduates are asked to indicate their level of satisfaction regarding the education they received at Red River College.

Visit for graduate satisfaction and employment reports.

Graduation Requirements

You need a minimum term GPA of 2.0 in Term 1 to be eligible to proceed to Term 2. To meet graduation requirements, you must successfully complete all courses in the program.

Employment Potential

Graduates of this program have gained employment as sales and marketing representatives selling business-to-business (B2B) in various industries, including the following:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Food and beverage products
  • Publishing
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Transportation services
  • Financial services
  • Communications products
  • Consumer goods and services

Contact Information

For more information, contact:

Interlake Campus
Box 304
825 Manitoba Avenue
Selkirk, MB  R1A 1T0
Toll-free: 1-866-946-3241
Phone: 204-785-5328
Fax: 204-482-7082

Program Coordinator

Joanne Vermette

How to Register

For information on how to register for courses in this program, follow the link below.

Student Evaluation of Program

Every year Red River College surveys students, in all full-time programs, to learn more about their college experience. The questionnaire includes questions about students’ experiences with College programs, facilities, and services offered.

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College Support Services

Red River College is committed to student success and provides valuable support services to assist in helping students make the most of their time at RRC.

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