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  • 3-month certificate
  • Interlake Campus
  • Steinbach Campus

This program will prepare you for a successful career as your own boss or as the manager of a small business. You can develop an appreciation of entrepreneurship and learn what it takes to launch your own business. You can also gain an understanding of management and business topics ranging from computerized accounting and customer service, to human resources and professional sales techniques.

Admission Requirements

You must have completed or be enrolled in high school and/or post-secondary courses required for program admission. You must submit proof of completion or enrolment in all required courses within 30 days of your date of application.

Your official final grades must be submitted by July 15 for fall enrolment or by the deadline specified in your admission letter.

Applications may be submitted after July 15 for fall enrolment if seats are still available in the program. Proof of completion of all required courses must be submitted within 5 business days.

Regular Admission Requirements
Successful completion of Grade 12, including one credit in each of the following courses:

  • Grade 12 English
  • Grade 12 Math

Special Admission Requirements
If you are 19 years of age or older on or before September 30 in your year of registration, have been out of high school for a minimum of one year, and you do not meet the regular admission requirements, you may apply under the special admission requirements.

Successful completion of:

the courses listed in the Regular Admission Requirements
RRC's Introduction to Business program

English Language Assessments

English Language AssessmentMinimum Required Levels
L - Listening, S - Speaking, R - Reading, W - WritingLSRW
Duolingo (Duolingo English Test)


There are no minimum required levels for L,S,R,W.

Only Duolingo English Test scores that have been verified through the Duolingo English Test Portal will be accepted.


Locations, Dates and Fees

Costs (estimates only; subject to change)

Program/Student Fees
Year 1
Books and Supplies
Year 1
Program/Student Fees (International)
Year 1

Red River College Polytechnic is a participating institution in the HigherEdPoints program. Through this program, students are able to convert Aeroplan® Miles and TD Points into funds to help cover their tuition. Family members and friends can also contribute to a student’s education by converting their loyalty points - anyone can donate their points to an individual student.

Visit the HigherEdPoints website for more information about the program and/or to set up an account to convert your points.

Program Outline

You must successfully complete a minimum of six courses, with a minimum of 240 hours, to earn a certificate. In some cases this will require completing more than six courses.
Core Courses

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting for a Small Business
  • Starting a Small Business  


  • Assertiveness Training 
  • Basic Business Communications  or Business Communication 1
  • Business Law 
  • Customer Service Relations
  • Computers - Introduction 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing 1 
  • Marketing 2  
  • Professional Sales Techniques 
  • Retail Management
  • Services Marketing 
  • Simply Accounting  or Quick Books
  • Small Business Plans
  • Small Business Websites

Note: Each Regional Campus has chosen the electives to be delivered in the fulltime program.


Courses and Descriptions

(Click the course name to view the description of the course)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check www.rrc.ca/rpl for additional contact information.
ACCT-1088Simply Accounting (PC)
More Information

By using Sage 50 software, you will develop an understanding on how to enter business transactions into the general ledger, prepare and adjust entries, and print out financial statements. Sage 50 is used for accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and inventory.

ADMN-3001Business Law
More Information

Develop an understanding and appreciation of the legal rights and responsibilities attached to a wide range of activities necessary to conduct business and commerce. The goal is to familiarize students with many of the legal aspects and consequences relating to these endeavours. Also, to develop in the student the ability to analyze short legal case studies.

BUSA-1026Bookkeeping and Accounting for a Small Business
More Information

Study the practical side of bookkeeping and accounting, and learn to identify basic internal control procedures. Become familiar with the recording process, ledgers and trial balance, financial statements and closing entries, cash and how to control it, accounts receivable, inventory and salaries.

BUSA-1027Starting a Small Business
More Information

Explore almost every aspect of starting a small business, with this practical course that is designed to serve as a basic reference guide. Learn to develop a business plan and a result-oriented marketing plan. Familiarize yourself with financing, financial statements, financial analysis and planning, staffing needs and staff management, role of government, purchasing and control.

BUSA-1166Small Business Plans
More Information

A practical opportunity for you to realistically develop a detailed program or plan for a small business of your own. Increase your understanding of what it takes to succeed in an entrepreneurial career and create a comprehensive business plan for your new venture concept. The venture can be a completely new business idea, the development of a franchise, the purchase of an existing business, the succession of a family business or expansion of an existing business. The final business plan is developed, designed, written and printed entirely by the participant.

COMM-1000Business Communication 1RPL
More Information

This course will guide students through the techniques and processes involved in writing, speaking, and listening effectively for business. Students will be taught skills for networking, meetings, and working in teams. Students will apply a direct approach to create professional emails and letters. Students will learn strategies for competent information report writing. Students will be taught how to create and deliver a memorable oral presentation. The proper use of business writing rules, grammar, and etiquette will be emphasized throughout the course.

COMM-1023Basic Business CommunicationsRPL
More Information

Develop the basic principles of business writing and discuss topics such as: standard business formats, the ability to write clear, readable letters and memos.  It also reviews correct grammar and usage and how to improve effectiveness as a speaker.

COMP-1025Small Business Websites
More Information

Learn how to create a simple yet effective online business presence. Participants will be introduced to online strategies and resources, and will have the opportunity to build and launch their own website. Participants will be able to: access online information and services; plan a website according to the principles of good web design; build a simple website using templates and/or wizards; add, modify, and update online content; and promote the website using online marketing techniques.

COMP-1081Computers - IntroRPL
More Information

Increase your knowledge of computer fundamentals using a current Windows operating system. Content includes an introduction to the Internet and common Microsoft Applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

If you are taking courses by distance delivery, you must have access to a computer with the appropriate Microsoft Office software and Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10.

COMP-1450QuickBooks (PC)
More Information

This course uses QuickBooks® to demonstrate the use of an integrated modular accounting system to students who have an understanding of basic accounting principles. A company's accounting system will be set-up, economic business transactions will be recorded, and necessary reports generated using a hands-on approach.

HUMR-3003Human Resource Management
More Information

This course will cover the major responsibilities of a modern Human Resource manager. The emphasis is on activities such as recruitment, appraisal, legal compliance, training, orientation, compensation, and job analysis.

MGMT-1003Assertiveness Training
More Information

Learn the value of assertiveness as a direct, honest and concise method of communication. Employers, managers, supervisors, employees, co-workers and the self-employed can benefit from using assertiveness to promote the protection of personal rights. Identify, discuss and practice methods of expressing your point of view while listening effectively. Discover your ability to assert yourself in difficult daily encounters.

MRKT-1031Customer Service Relations
More Information

Discover the skills necessary to deliver outstanding customer service. Students will develop knowledge and skills related to listening, empathy, body language, customer motivation and diversity, communication, self assessment, PMA (positive mental attitude), and conflict resolution. Since customer service consists primarily of interaction with others in various situations, students will enhance their interpersonal communication skills.

MRKT-1061Marketing 1
More Information

This course is designed to introduce students to basic marketing concepts and to encourage an analytical study of the marketing strategy process. This study will be supported by an exposure to target markets and marketing mix elements.

MRKT-1090Professional Sales Techniques
More Information

Develop an understanding of basic, proven techniques of selling and particularly retail selling. Participants are encouraged to apply the information gained to their own situations by the learn-by-doing approach.

MRKT-1110Services Marketing
More Information

Bring customer/client satisfaction and service quality to the forefront as central concepts vital to any organization's success. Examine how the marketing of services differs from that of products. Learn to identify client/customer groups, behaviours and needs, how to manage the service encounter and develop customer satisfaction/loyalty. Study different service delivery strategies and their implementation. Using a strong managerial and strategic focus, apply the concepts and theories presented in a "hands-on" occupation related project.

MRKT-2068Marketing 2
More Information

Marketing 2 builds on the concepts developed in Marketing 1. The learner undertakes a more in-depth analysis of the marketing mix and applies concepts to develop integrated marketing strategies.

MRKT-3015Integrated Marketing Communications
More Information

A concentrated course to learn the fundamentals of creating, implementing, and evaluating an integrated marketing communications plan within the marketing arena. You will learn the skills required in planning and executing advertising and promotion programs requiring research, creativity and timing.

MRKT-3017Retail Management
More Information

This course surveys the entire field of retailing from a managerial perspective. The emphasis is on decision making, customer analysis, site selection, store layout, and design and strategic planning.


Computer/Laptop Requirements

Online learning is a critical component of course delivery in all Red River College programs. To ensure each student has the tools they need to achieve their academic goals, all Red River College students require, at minimum:

1.  Off-campus access to a current computer with a webcam

2.  A high speed internet connection

• Recommended minimum speed: 10 mbps for download, 3 mbps for upload
• Slower internet connection speeds may result in audio and video issues. Please keep in mind that if others in your home are using the same internet connection at the same time as you are, you may also experience audio and video issues.
• Please refer to https://www.rrc.ca/studentcomputing for further information on Computer Requirements for Students.

Please note that any anticipated costs are not included in Books and Supplies estimates.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which documents and compares an individual's prior learning gained from prior education, work and life experiences and personal study to the learning outcomes in College courses/programs. For more information, please visit www.rrc.ca/rpl.

Graduation Requirements

You must complete your program within four years from the start of the first course in the program, unless otherwise stated in the program outline.

A program GPA of 2.0 (60%) is required to graduate.

When you have successfully completed all of the required courses in this program, be sure to apply for your certificate, see Application to Graduate

You will not be granted more than 75 percent of your credit requirements for graduation through transfer of credit.

Graduation with Honours
If you obtain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.8 or better for the program you will graduate with honours. If you fail any course in the program, you will not be eligible for this honours designation.


Employment Potential

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should have the skills and training to manage their own small business.
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