Password Skills Plus
Password Skills Plus is an online assessment that can be taken instead of Password Skills.

ProgramMinimum Required Levels
L - Listening, S - Speaking, R - Reading, W - WritingLSRW
3D Computer Graphics(3DCOF-AD)
ASL - English Interpretation(AMSIF-DP)
ASL and Deaf Studies(ASLDF-CT)
Administrative Assistant(ADMAF-CT)
Administrative Assistant - International(ADMIF-CT)
Advanced Manufacturing(ADVMF-PG)
Aerospace Manufacturing(AERMF-CT)
American Sign Language-English Interpretation(AMESF-DP)
Application Development and Delivery(ADEVF-DP)
Applied Accounting(APACF-CT)
Architectural Technology(ATECF-DP)
Automotive Technician-Certificate(AUTTF-CT)
Automotive Technician-Diploma(AUTDF-DP)
Automotive Technology(AUTIF-DP)
Bookkeeping & Small Business Office(BOOSF-CT)
Business Accountancy CE(BUACF-PG)
Business Administration(BUADF-NA)
Business Administration(BUSAF-DP)
Business Administration Integrated(BUSIF-DP)
Business Information Technology(BUSGF-DP)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Business Management CE(BUMAF-PG)
Business Technology Management(BUTMF-DP)
Business, Accounting & Management(BUSMF-CT)
Business, Accounting and Management - International(BAMIF-CT)
Business/Technology Teacher Education - Accelerated(BUSSF-DP)
CNC Machinist Technician(CNCMF-CT)
Cabinetry and Woodworking - Certificate(CWOOF-CT)
Cabinetry and Woodworking - Certificate(CABWF-CT)
Cabinetry and Woodworking Technology(CABWF-DP)
Cabinetry and Woodworking Technology(CABWF-DP)
Child and Youth Care(CHIYF-DP)
Child and Youth Care(CHYOF-DP)
Civil Engineering Technology(CIVCF-DP)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
College Transition(COLTF-CT)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Collision Refinishing(COLRF-CT)
Collision Repair and Refinishing(COLFF-CT)
Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing(COMSF-CT)
Communication Design(COMMF-PG)
Communication Management(CMANF-PG)
Construction Management(CONMF-DG)
Creative Communications(CRECF-DP)
Culinary Arts(CULAF-DP)
Culinary Skills Indigenous(CULKF-CT)
Data Science and Machine Learning(DATSF-DP)
Dental Assisting(DENAF-CT)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography - Echocardiography(DIACF-AD)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Ultrasound(DIAMF-AD)
Digital Film and Media Production(DIGFF-PG)
Digital Media Design(DIMDF-CT)
Digital Media Design(DIGDF-DP)
Digital Media Design-Interaction Design and Development(DIGIF-DP)
Digital Media Design-Video and Motion Graphics(DIGVF-DP)
Disability and Community Support(DISAF-DP)
Disability and Community Support(DISCF-DP)
Driver Instructor Training(DRIIP-NA)
Early Childhood Education(EARCF-DP)
Early Childhood Education(EARLF-DP)
Early Childhood Education - Workplace(EAWPF-DP)
Early Childhood Education Workplace(EARWF-DP)
Educational Assistant Certificate(EDUAF-CT)
Electrical Engineering Technology(ELEGF-DP)
Full Stack Web Development(FUSTF-DP)
Game Development - Programming(GAMPF-AD)
Graphic Design(GRADF-DP)
Health Care Aide(HEACF-CT)
Health Care Aide(HEACP-CT)
Health Care Aide and Health Unit Clerk(HCAUF-CT)
Health Information Management(HEAIF-DP)
Health Unit Clerk(HEAUF-CT)
Health Unit Clerk(HEAUP-CT)
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic(HEADF-CT)
Hospitality and Tourism Management(HOSTF-DP)
IT Operations(ITOPF-DP)
Indigenous Language - Cree(INDCF-CT)
Indigenous Language - Ojibwe(INDLF-CT)
Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher Education-Accelerated(INDAF-DP)
Industrial Networking Technology(INNTF-AC)
Information Security(INFEF-AD)
International Business(INBSF-AD)
Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(INTAF-CT)
Introduction to Business Information Technology(INTUF-CT)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Introduction to Electrical Engineering Technology(INELF-CT)
Introduction to Food Manufacturing(IFOPF-AT)
Also offered at Portage Campus
Legal Assistant(LEGAF-CT)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
Library and Information Technology(LIBIF-DP)
MRI and Spectroscopy(MRISF-AD)
Manufacturing Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)(MANCF-CT)
Manufacturing Technician(MANTF-DP)
Marine and Powersports Technician(MARPF-CT)
Mechanical Engineering Technology(MECEF-DP)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician(MEDDF-CT)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician(MEDDF-CT)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician(MEDDP-CT)
Medical Radiologic Technology(MEDRF-DP)
Medical Radiologic Technology(MERAF-AD)
Network Services Technician(NETSF-CT)
Nursing - Licensed Practical Nurse to BN Pathway(NURLF-NA)
Occupational Health & Safety(OCCHF-CT)
Outdoor Power Equipment Technician(OUTPF-CT)
Paramedicine - Advanced Care(PARAF-PG)
Paramedicine - Primary Care Paramedicine(PAPRF-DP)
Paramedicine - Primary Care Paramedicine(PARPF-CT)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing(PHAMF-CT)
Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing(PHAFF-CT)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Power Engineering - 5th Class(POW5F-CT)
Power Engineering Technology(POWTF-DP)
Power Engineering Technology (3rd Class)(POE3F-DP)
Power Engineering Technology (4th Class)(POE4F-CT)
Power Engineering Technology (5th Class)(POE5F-AT)
Precision Metal Machining(PREMF-CT)
Professional Baking and Pastry(PRBPF-CT)
Professional Photography(PROPF-CT)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
Property and Casualty Insurance(PROIF-CT)
QA/QC for Pharmaceutical and Food(QAQFF-AD)
Railway Conductor(RAICF-CT)
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician(REF5F-CT)
Residential Decorating(RESDF-CT)
Also offered at Portage Campus
Science Laboratory Technology(SCILF-DP)
Science Laboratory Technology(SLCTF-DP)
Social Innovation and Community Development(SOCCF-DP)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Teaching for Learning in Applied Education(TEALP-PC)
Technical Vocational Teacher Education(TECVF-DP)
Technical Vocational Teacher Education(TECVP-DP)
Technology Management(TECMF-AD)
Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator for Older Adults(THERF-CT)
Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management(TRAMF-CT)
Truck Transport Technology(TRUTF-DP)
Veterinary Technology(ANIHF-DP)
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