Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees

Important Information

The Official CanTEST was discontinued in 2021, and as of October 20, 2021 the RRC CanTEST is no longer offered at RRC Polytechnic. CanTEST results dated within 2 years of your application date will still be accepted to meet English language proficiency requirements. Please note the Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) program requires the Official CanTEST (The RRC Institutional CanTEST will not be accepted).

ProgramMinimum Required Levels
L - Listening, S - Speaking, R - Reading, W - WritingLSRW
3D Computer Graphics(3DCOF-AD)
ASL - English Interpretation(AMSIF-DP)
ASL - English Interpretation(AMSIF-DP)
ASL and Deaf Studies(ASLDF-CT)
Administrative Assistant(ADMAF-CT)
Administrative Assistant - International(ADMIF-CT)
Aerospace Manufacturing(AERMF-CT)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AIRMF-DP)
American Sign Language-English Interpretation(AMESF-DP)
Application Development and Delivery(ADEVF-DP)
Applied Accounting(APACF-CT)
Architectural Technology(ARCTF-DP)
Automotive Technician-Certificate(AUTTF-CT)
Automotive Technician-Diploma(AUTDF-DP)
Automotive Technology(AUTIF-DP)
Bookkeeping & Small Business Office(BOOSF-CT)
Business Accountancy CE(BUACF-PG)
Business Administration(BUADF-NA)
Business Administration(BUSAF-DP)
Business Administration Integrated(BUSIF-DP)
Business Information Technology(BUSGF-DP)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Business Management CE(BUMAF-PG)
Business Technology Management(BUTMF-DP)
Business, Accounting & Management(BUSMF-CT)
Business, Accounting and Management - International(BAMIF-CT)
Business/Technology Teacher Education - Accelerated(BUSSF-DP)
CNC Machinist Technician(CNCMF-CT)
Cabinetry and Woodworking - Certificate(CWOOF-CT)
Cabinetry and Woodworking - Certificate(CABWF-CT)
Cabinetry and Woodworking Technology(CABWF-DP)
Certificate in Adult Education(CERAP-CT)
Child and Youth Care(CHIYF-DP)
Child and Youth Care(CHYOF-DP)
Civil Engineering Technology(CIVCF-DP)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
College Transition(COLTF-CT)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Collision Refinishing(COLRF-CT)
Collision Repair and Refinishing(COLFF-CT)
Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing(COMSF-CT)
Communication Design(COMMF-PG)
Communication Management(CMANF-PG)
Construction Management(CONMF-DG)
Creative Communications(CRECF-DP)
Culinary Arts(CULAF-DP)
Culinary Skills Indigenous(CULKF-CT)
Culinary Skills International(CULSF-CT)
Data Science and Machine Learning(DATSF-DP)
Dental Assisting(DENAF-CT)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography - Echocardiography(DIACF-AD)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Ultrasound(DIAMF-AD)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Ultrasound(ULTDF-DP)
Digital Film and Media Production(DIGFF-PG)
Digital Media Design(DIMDF-CT)
Digital Media Design(DIGDF-DP)
Digital Media Design-Interaction Design and Development(DIGIF-DP)
Digital Media Design-Video and Motion Graphics(DIGVF-DP)
Disability and Community Support(DISAF-DP)
Disability and Community Support(DISCF-DP)
Driver Instructor Training(DRIIP-NA)
Early Childhood Education(EARCF-DP)
Early Childhood Education(EARLF-DP)
Early Childhood Education - Workplace(EAWPF-DP)
Early Childhood Education Workplace(EARWF-DP)
Educational Assistant Certificate(EDUAF-CT)
Electrical Engineering Technology(ELEGF-DP)
Full Stack Web Development(FUSTF-DP)
Game Development - Art(GAMDF-AD)
Game Development - Programming(GAMPF-AD)
Graphic Design(GRADF-DP)
Health Care Aide(HEACF-CT)
Health Care Aide(HEACP-CT)
Health Care Aide and Health Unit Clerk(HCAUF-CT)
Health Information Management(HEAIF-DP)
Health Unit Clerk(HEAUF-CT)
Health Unit Clerk(HEAUP-CT)
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic(HEADF-CT)
Hospitality and Tourism Management(HOSTF-DP)
IT Operations(ITOPF-DP)
Indigenous Language - Cree(INDCF-CT)
Indigenous Language - Ojibwe(INDLF-CT)
Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher Education-Accelerated(INDAF-DP)
Industrial Networking Technology(INNTF-AC)
Information Security(INFEF-AD)
International Business(INBSF-AD)
Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(INTAF-CT)
Introduction to Business Information Technology(INTUF-CT)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Introduction to Electrical Engineering Technology(INELF-CT)
Introduction to Food Manufacturing(IFOPF-AT)
Also offered at Portage Campus
Legal Assistant(LEGAF-CT)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
Library and Information Technology(LIBIF-DP)
MRI and Spectroscopy(MRISF-AD)
Manufacturing Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)(MANCF-CT)
Manufacturing Technician(MANTF-DP)
Marine and Powersports Technician(MARPF-CT)
Mechanical Engineering Technology(MECEF-DP)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician(MEDDF-CT)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician(MEDDP-CT)
Medical Laboratory Sciences(MEDSF-DP)4.5*4.5*4.5*4.5*
Medical Laboratory Sciences(MELAF-AD)4.5*4.5*4.5*4.5*
Medical Radiologic Technology(MERAF-AD)
Medical Radiologic Technology(MEDRF-DP)
Network Services Technician(NETSF-CT)
Nursing - Licensed Practical Nurse to BN Pathway(NURLF-NA)
Occupational Health & Safety(OCCHF-CT)
Outdoor Power Equipment Technician(OUTPF-CT)
Paramedicine - Advanced Care(PARAF-PG)
Paramedicine - Advanced Care Paramedicine(ADVCF-DP)
Paramedicine - Primary Care Paramedicine(PAPRF-DP)
Paramedicine - Primary Care Paramedicine(PARPF-CT)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing(PHAMF-CT)
Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing(PHAFF-CT)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Power Engineering - 5th Class(POW5F-CT)
Power Engineering Technology(POWTF-DP)
Power Engineering Technology (3rd Class)(POE3F-DP)
Power Engineering Technology (4th Class)(POE4F-CT)
Power Engineering Technology (5th Class)(POE5F-AT)
Precision Metal Machining(PREMF-CT)
Professional Baking and Pastry(PRBPF-CT)
Professional Photography(PROPF-CT)
Also offered at Winkler Campus
Property and Casualty Insurance(PROIF-CT)
QA/QC for Pharmaceutical and Food(QAQFF-AD)
Railway Conductor(RAICF-CT)
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician(REF5F-CT)
Residential Decorating(RESDF-CT)
Also offered at Portage Campus
Science Laboratory Technology(SCILF-DP)
Science Laboratory Technology(SLCTF-DP)
Social Innovation and Community Development(SOCCF-DP)
Also offered at Interlake Campus
Teaching for Learning in Applied Education(TEALP-PC)
Technical Vocational Teacher Education(TECVF-DP)
Technical Vocational Teacher Education(TECVP-DP)
Technology Management(TECMF-AD)
Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator for Older Adults(THERF-CT)
Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management(TRAMF-CT)
Truck Transport Technology(TRUTF-DP)
Veterinary Technology(ANIHF-DP)
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